Tandem cycling with Cam Sight

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 121.

A Cam Sight tandem team at this year’s A10 Cycling Campaign awareness ride.
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Cam Sight are a local charity supporting people with sight loss. They offer tandem cycling as one of their services.

The person on the front seat is the pilot, who steers; the person at the rear of the bike, the stoker, pedals and contributes to the speed of the tandem. The availability of the service is dependent on the number of tandems and volunteer pilots they have.

This is a great opportunity to bring the joy of cycling to someone with sight loss who may not be able to cycle on their own, as well as to raise awareness of Cam Sight and the other work they do. It’s a highly sociable activity which enables people with sight loss to exercise when conventional gyms and sports activities are inaccessible.

Peter Rodgers takes part as a stoker. He says:

‘Earlier this year I was invited to become a stoker on the Cam Sight tandem after a taster session some months earlier. I was introduced to pilot and sterling volunteer Charles Nisbet.

Between us we agreed a mutual time for rides; an hour once a fortnight suited Charles but I enjoy these rides so much I would ride more often given the chance. Charles keeps up a running commentary of where we are and anything of interest we are passing, which is invaluable to the visually impaired and adds greatly to the experience. I can thoroughly recommend the Cam Sight tandem service to anyone reasonably fit who enjoys cycling and the outdoors.’

Cam Sight currently owns two tandems and there are eight hard-working pilots. If you would like to be a pilot, with or without your own tandem, or a stoker on the back of a tandem, please contact Warren at Cam Sight on 01223 420033 or warren@camsight.org.uk

Hester Wells