Campaign Strategy Day – looking at the ‘how’

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 120.

(Left:) Working in teams to map stakeholders on the ‘Stakeholder Matrix’. (Right:) Identifying the Campaign’s many stakeholders.
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Sunday 26 April was the Campaign’s annual Strategy Day. This year we took a slightly different approach, with the aim of exploring ‘how’ the Campaign should work rather than ‘what’ should be worked on.

The day started with some stakeholder identification and analysis activities to understand the groups that hold influence and power over cycling in Cambridge, as well as identifying the quality of our relationships with them.

Challenging each other and comparing the results.
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Following this we looked at some of the ways we can use our resources to work effectively with these groups, helping to increase influence with regards to cycling and to improve our engagement and relationships. We focused particularly on developers and Campaign members.

We finished the day with an exercise in understanding the Cambridge Cycling Campaign brand to crystallise what we want the brand to mean in and around Cambridge. It became clear that, while the Campaign is well regarded by decision makers who are aware of our hard work and the effectiveness of the Campaign, it is still necessary to increase the level of engagement with the ‘everyday cyclists’ of Cambridge.

The insights from the day are now being pulled together to help guide our activities, which will assist us in achieving the ‘what’ of the Campaign: safer, better and more cycling.

Roxanne De Beaux