120 newsletters!

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 120.

This is Newsletter number 120! The first one came out in July 1995 and the lead article announced the launch of Cambridge Cycling Campaign ‘at a lively public meeting on Friday June 16 at Parkside College, attended by about a hundred people’. So this year is also our 20th anniversary.

There have been a lot of changes since 1995: in Cambridge, in cycling and in the Campaign. But throughout, the newsletter has documented what has been going on: campaigning against cycling bans, for cycle parking, for better, safer and more cycling; cycle rides; meetings and more. It has provided information, for cyclists, for councillors, and for decision-makers.

Over the years it has changed in style, from monochrome and largely text to full colour with photographs from issue 100.

The 50th newsletter, in October 2003, had a cover made up of the covers of the previous 49 issues, showing the changes in style. Scrolling through the back copies – all are available online at www.camcycle.org.uk/newsletters/previous.html – one is struck by the enormous range of topics covered, the use of maps – though OpenStreetMap has replaced the hand-drawn maps in the earlier newsletters – and the constant emphasis on improving provision for cycling. But all the time it has been an attractive, high-quality publication, produced to professional standards thanks to a dedicated, conscientious group of contributors, editors and proofreaders. We couldn’t do it without you. Your help continues to be essential and much needed. Thank you.

Monica Frisch