Study Tour to Assen, Netherlands

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 120.

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2008 study tour in Assen on Groningerstraat, a road of similar width to Gilbert Road in Cambridge.
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Cambridge Cycling Campaign welcomes expressions of interest in attending a three-day study tour to explore Assen, the capital of the ‘Cycling Province’ Drenthe in the Netherlands. Places are limited and must be booked soon.

Our previous tours to the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark have offered significant insights into the qualities and infrastructure that are essential to a successful cycling city. This year, we are delighted to join hosts David and Judith Hembrow once again for three days of bicycle-led fact-finding throughout Assen and Groningen.

Already having high levels of cycling, we believe that Cambridge should be a leading example in cycling provision. With the large number of developments being planned in and around Cambridge, this timely and enlightening tour could be pivotal in guiding cycling investment decisions to ensure a high standard of cycling infrastructure that meets long-term requirements and avoids wasteful retrofits.

The tour will explore many aspects of good cycling infrastructure as we experience:

  • separate cycle lanes
  • on-road lanes that emphasise cycling over driving
  • cycle lanes to and through the city centre and residential areas
  • railway station cycle parking – Groningen Station has parking for 10,000 bikes
  • morning and afternoon school runs – some children cycle up to 40km to school
  • Dutch cycling style and culture
  • examples of what not to do and the problems that can arise.

Total trip cost £400 – £450 (depending on travel and accommodation choices). Includes travel, tour, B&B accommodation. Other meals, snacks, drinks and entertainment are not included.

Option: Bring your own bike or hire one in Assen.

Our planned itinerary:

Please note this is subject to amendment as we finalise plans and take into account availability and the requirements of attendees.

Date Activity Notes
18 June, 19.30 Depart Cambridge Take train to Harwich then overnight ferry to Hoek van Holland followed by train to Assen
19 June, 12.00 Arrive Assen Check into accommodation, hire bikes and commence tour
19, 20, 21, June Continue Tour Tour will be by bicycle; however distances will be relatively short
21 June, 18.32 Depart Assen Train to Hoek van Holland followed by overnight ferry to Harwich and train to Cambridge
22 June, 09.39 Arrive Cambridge

The Campaign has funds available for sponsorship where relevant. Please get in touch to find out more.

Roxanne De Beaux