Golden Bell and Chocolate Chain Awards ’97

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 12.

What annoys you most about cycling around Cambridge? Is it the constant pressure exerted by motorists chasing you along a narrow or busy street, or the bike bans in the centre of town? Maybe your employers have neglected to provide a bike shed, but splashed out on re-surfacing their car park instead. Are you left trying to find a safe place to cross a busy road, or does a junction design mean you’re pushed over to one side?

On the other hand, you may think of a well thought-out facility or particularly clever initiative that makes travel on your bike safer and more pleasurable, such as the cycle lockers at some Park & Ride sites, or the cattle grids on Midsummer Common. If you’re very lucky your employer will have installed changing facilities and covered cycle parking where you work. And you may benefit from the Bridge Street road closure.

Well, now’s your chance to complain or show support for the institution responsible for your bugbear or delight, in the Cycling Campaign’s Golden Bell and Chocolate Chain Awards ’97. During National Bike Week we shall collate your nominations, in the categories below, and make awards to representatives of the organisations responsible. Winners will get a ‘Golden Bell’ so that they can proudly show off their contribution, whereas the worst will get a ‘Chocolate Chain’, in the form of a rusty cycle chain and suggestions from us as to what to do next time.

Please nominate your winners in the categories below or, if you want to nominate something that doesn’t fit any of them, you can invent your own category. Make as many nominations as you like; it’s even okay to nominate the same people as best and worst in the same category. But do try to stick to things they’ve done in the last couple of years.


  • Cycle Parking – for the General Public
  • Cycle Parking – for employees
  • Safety Initiative – places where you feel safe or unsafe on a bike
  • Shopping Centre Access for bikes
  • Cycle Routes
  • Transport for Bikes when you don’t want to ride
  • Consideration for Cyclists in making road repairs

Post, e-mail or telephone your entries now to the Cycling Campaign, but be sure we get them before 10 June so that we can compile the lists in time for the awards ceremony.

Simon Nuttall

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