Busway cycling links near station

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 119.

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Two new links to the Busway near Hills Road bridge are now available to cyclists. This one between the signalled crossing on the bridge and the Busway near the signal box is a bit problematic – twists and turns and the bollards to stop it being used as a car through route mean drivers are using these ends as parking spaces, so blocking the cycleway. However it is being extremely well used by Hills Road college students on foot on their way to and from the station.

This link (below) is potentially much more helpful, linking as it does through Clarendon Road and Shaftesbury Avenue to Brooklands Avenue. It starts just where the guided part of the Busway starts. Go under an overhanging building and straight on into the older existing streets. While a little further round, this actually makes it possible to go from the station to Brooklands Avenue, which isn’t permitted from Brookgate (the new road joining Hills Road) at the Hills Road junction, and also avoids that junction going towards the station.

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David Earl