Introducing the new editor

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 119.

As a member and supporter of the Campaign of several years, I have for some time considered volunteering my time to become more involved. After reading the recent announcement that the Newsletter was without an editor, I decided to offer to take on the role. I work currently as a postman in Cambridge and was, until recently, one of the few people lucky enough to ride a bicycle as part of my working day. Before moving to Cambridge, I spent several years overseas as a magazine staff writer and English editor.

My predecessor, Monica Frisch, has stepped down as editor after leading the Newsletter for seven years, and I am sure you will agree that during her tenure the quality has been consistently high. I have always felt when reading the Newsletter that it is the product of a very dedicated and experienced team – and this has only been confirmed since I began work on the last issue. This edition will be the first time that I have seen the whole process of newsletter production through from start to finish – I hope you feel it reaches the usual standards, and continues to represent Campaign issues in an engaging and informative way. In future I wish, in particular, to build on the visuals and presentation of the Newsletter – partly by including more high-quality images from our volunteers. If you would like to contribute with this then please let me know.

It is clear to me that we have many committed members who provide the Campaign with much knowledge and experience. I have already met some of you, and I look forward to meeting many more of you in the future. I am sure you will be able to assist in highlighting the matters you feel most worthy of our attention. If you do have a particular article in mind, I would certainly be interested to hear about it: I can be contacted by email on

I would like to thank Monica Frisch for her continued assistance with all newsletter issues. It has been very valuable for me to have the benefit of her advice and expertise, particularly in areas where my experience is limited. I have no doubt that the Campaign as a whole would like to give thanks for her great commitment in so successfully producing the Newsletter for such a long period. Monica continues to provide her support as a campaigner. John Hartland has also provided me with a great deal of help, and many thanks to him for agreeing to continue for a time to lay out the Newsletter, and for involving me in the process. Thanks also to the newsletter team, who are ever-ready to correct, comment on, and scrutinise the articles we produce. These are all vital tasks in maintaining the high standards we have come to expect.

Paul Unwin, Newsletter Editor