Reach Ride on Monday 4 May 2015

This article was published in 2015, in Newsletter 119.

Former mayor Paul Saunders addressing the start of 2014 ride.
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The Campaign’s Ride To Reach Fair has become a fixture in the Cambridge calendar. Last year’s ride attracted over 800 riders of all ages on a glorious May Day morning. It has become a tradition that the Mayor travels to open the fair, wearing a special cycling Mayoral chain.

Left: Riders gathering in the Market Square. Right: Simon.
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After many years of organising the ride, Simon Nuttall announced that this year he would be taking a break. His hard work over the years has been much appreciated.

The event though will continue, building on Simon’s great work. I want the ride to be a demonstration that cycling is practical for everyone. So I’m thrilled that Mayor Gerri Bird is keen to join us. This is being made possible thanks to YouCanBikeToo with assistance from Marshalls Group.

To accommodate suggestions from the Mayor, we’ll be reverting to the route via Swaffham Bulbeck and Swaffham Prior on the way out. Most importantly however, the ride will be leaving earlier – the plan is to depart from the Market Square at 9.00am and Newmarket Road Park & Ride at 10.00am. Cycle parking will be provided in the same location at the north end of Reach village as used last year, and we will return via White Fen. I hope to see you there.

Ruth and Peter from YouCanBikeToo on last year’s ride. [Pictures by Mike Clark:]
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Al Storer