Travel for Cambridgeshire

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 117.

Travel for Cambridgeshire (TfC) is a not-for-profit partnership hosted by the County Council, one of its ten partners. It is dedicated to providing travel solutions to employers and developers in Cambridgeshire to deliver and promote sustainable and healthy travel, usually through the development of travel plans.

TfC provides free advice on increasing the range of travel options available to employees for commuting, travelling on business and other journeys.

The partnership helps prepare and implement effective travel initiatives that ease transport and access problems associated with existing sites and or new business developments.

TfC has a range of tools and services to make travel planning as easy as possible, including an online car-share scheme (, discounts at cycle shops and for rail travel, a mapping service and an annual online travel survey. To find out more visit or contact the team on 01223 715550 or email

Richard Hampton, Travel Plan Adviser, Travel for Cambridgeshire

[TfC was formerly called Travel for Work Partnership]