Cycle lights

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 116.

As the clocks go back and the evenings – which are already getting dark about 7.30pm – get darker, we are going to need our bike lights, after several months of lovely light evenings. Overnight on 25 October, sunset will shift from 5.44pm, which is early enough, to 4.42pm, before most of us leave work. The mornings will get lighter – sunrise will be at 6.44am on 26 October – which will help those with early starts. So, get out your bike lights and check they are still working and, if necessary, get them fixed or replaced.

Lights are a legal requirement – see our cycle lighting poster for the details (on the website at Phil Lee’s article in Newsletter 92 provides lots of detail about the legislation and about different sorts of bike light.

If you are going to buy new bike lights, you might like to look at the article on choosing bike lights in Newsletter 104, on our website at, before you go out or online to order bike lights, which can be surprisingly expensive. There are also various reviews and articles available on the Internet. Don’t risk an accident by not being visible, and let’s show that cyclists are responsible and do use lights.

Monica Frisch