Why are we proposing to change the membership rates

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 116.

The Campaign is in the fortunate position of being offered a very large donation to help fund the costs of having an employee and making the post sustainable. The donor has quite rightly asked us to fund one-third of the costs, and we have three years to do so. We need to raise £40,000. We have investigated several fundraising options, and will be pursuing them simultaneously. One of these is to increase membership fees.

When compared to other similar organisations the membership subscription is modest and has not been increased since November 1999.

The employee will be a constant and sustained presence who will represent your needs. We also need help managing the day-to-day running of the Campaign. By raising subscriptions to increase our income, we can have a bigger impact in many areas. Examples of activities we can expect a paid worker to do include freeing volunteers from routine tasks so that they have more time to campaign. We will improve communications to all by creating a single point of contact with you and those we work with. The employee will try to become self-sustaining by applying for grants and undertaking consultancy. They will also improve and organise our monthly meetings, for example by giving good notice of who has agreed to speak and what is on the agenda.

Other vital tasks include keeping track of deadlines and maintaining a list of public consultations. The employee will also work towards increasing membership of the Campaign and improving relationships with councillors and other stakeholders such as professional drivers and the police. Because many planning applications are long and complex documents, another aspect of their work will be to undertake some preparatory work, so that a volunteer can be better briefed as well as being able to take on more cases. We have a challenging job description that reflects the ambition of the Campaign to make cycling more popular, safe and better within the city and the surrounding villages.

Proposed membership rates for renewals after the AGM:

£3.50 Budget (no paper newsletter will normally be provided)
£17.50 Individual
£22.50 Household using current definition
£100 Donor (which could be either for an individual or a whole household)

At the AGM there will be a motion to raise most of the membership rates. While we recognise that paying more is not possible for everyone and therefore the lowest tier remains unchanged, the others have been increased to help raise the required sum. We are fortunate that for every £1 that you pay in a subscription, £2 will be ‘match funded’ by the donor and if you use Gift Aid the impact will be even greater.

A donation of this size is unlikely to recur, so please give the proposal your support at the AGM.

John Hall