City of Cambridge Crematorium … has no cycle parking

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 116.

A14 traffic approaching from the south east and passing the crematorium entrance.
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I went to a funeral recently at the City of Cambridge Crematorium. From my office in Oakington, the Crematorium is less than a couple of miles away, and it never occurred to me that it would be inappropriate to travel by bike. I crossed the A14 at the bridge to Dry Drayton, cut through Hacker’s Fruit Farm, and then only had about 300m going the wrong way on the hard shoulder of the A14 to get to the Crematorium. (That isn’t as bad as it sounds, the hard shoulder here is dead space between the Crematorium and the Oakington – Dry Drayton junction.)

I was shocked when I got there, I could find nowhere to park my bike. In the end, having looked around, I locked it to a young tree in a shrubbery bed. Which was not good for the tree, or for my well-polished shoes.

Left: The crematorium entrance (and exit in the background). Right: A14 traffic heading northwest passing the crematorium exit.
Image as described adjacent Image as described adjacent

I have been back since, to check that the emotion of the occasion hadn’t caused me to miss something obvious. But no, I could find absolutely no facilities for bike parking.

I can understand that in the present hostile environment of the A14, there are not many visitors who arrive at the Crematorium by bike. But the proposals for the A14 will change that, and will make this facility of Cambridge City Council much more cycle-accessible. Come on, Cambridge City Council – you need to do better here.

Richard Moss

City council information about the crematorium

Cambridge Crematorium
Huntingdon Road
Cambridge CB3 0JJ

Our map of council buildings shows where the crematorium is, and our Cambridge City Crematorium webpage contains directions.

Access to the building
There is ramped access throughout the building and accessible toilets. A wheelchair accessible pathway through the cemetery leads to the memorial woodland.

The east car park has 44 car parking spaces and two Blue Badge parking spaces, and the west car park has 54 car spaces and two Blue Badge spaces.

Getting there
Huntingdon Road Cemetery and Cambridge Crematorium are five miles from the centre of Cambridge, off the A14 westbound carriageway.
The Citi 5 bus service stops outside the main entrance, although visitors leaving the crematorium need to catch the bus to Bar Hill for the return journey to Cambridge.