Co-ordinator’s comment

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 115.

As I write this the Tour de France is still going, but the Cambridge to London stage is behind us.

It was a beautiful day (says my sunburn) and an enthusiastic turnout, even if was not quite the usual type of Cambridge cycling.

I was cheered to see so many people had decided to cycle to the event too. The road closures provided the perfect opportunity for people on foot and bike to enjoy clear roads as they made their way to line the route.

The day after the Tour de France left Cambridge, the county council Economy and Environment committee approved the Hills Road and Huntingdon Road traffic schemes. Hailed as the legacy of the Tour de France, we are aware rather of the hard work by the council cycling projects team and supportive councillors over the last year to bring this about, assisted by the Campaign’s input and promotion, and by all those who responded positively to the proposals. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Hester Wells