Campaign Diary

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 114.

Monthly meetings

The Campaign’s monthly general meeting is held in the Friends’ Meeting House, Jesus Lane on the first Tuesday of each month. Business starts at 8.00pm, with tea and coffee from 7.30pm, and a chance to chat, and for us to introduce ourselves to new members. The agenda includes opportunities to discuss current issues and planning matters. Sometimes there is a speaker.

Next meetings: 3 June, 1 July, 5 August

Tour de France

Monday 7 July. Tour de France stage 3 starts in Cambridge. For details of the route see

Throughout the summer: Vélo Festival see:

Social gathering

Monday 18 August. Join us for a social gathering at CB2 café, 5-7 Norfolk Street – from 7pm.


#CamRideHome rides start at 6pm from outside The Mill pub on Mill Lane on the last Friday of each month. They tour part of the city at a steady pace, returning to the pub for a drink an hour later. Led by Ben Hayward Cycles. Next rides: 27 June, 25 July


There are several opportunities for members to help with the Newsletter. One is by writing articles, taking photos and providing other illustrations. There is advice about this and style guidelines on our website

Copy deadline for Newsletter 115 August-September 2014: Sunday 22 June 2014

Volunteers are also needed to help put Newsletters into envelopes and then to deliver them. If you might be able to assist, please contact Lisa Woodburn (via who co-ordinates this. Stuffing of the Newsletter is usually on the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month in which the Newsletter appears.

Newsletter meetings: These are held every two months, shortly after the Newsletter has appeared, to discuss the most recent issue and plan the next one. They are held at 5.30pm in Grads Café on the 3rd floor of the University Centre. The next one is likely to be on Monday 9 June.

City and County Council committees

Campaign members may be interested in attending Planning Committee and Area Committee meetings, which often include cycling and walking issues. Development Control Forum and Joint Development Control Committee meetings, which determine the Planning Applications relating to the major housing development proposals for the Cambridge sub-region, are also open to the public. The Development Plan Scrutiny Sub-committee meetings also often cover walking/cycling/transport issues.

Information on dates and venues is on and minutes of meetings are also available. Agendas are usually online there about a week in advance. Please check the website in case meetings have been cancelled or times or venues changed.

Development Control Forum: usually on a Wednesday at 10.00am in Committee Room 1 & 2 – Guildhall. Next meetings: 9 April, 14 May

Development Control Forum: usually on a Wednesday at 10.00am in Committee Room 1 & 2 – Guildhall. Next meetings: 9 July, 13 August

Development Plan Scrutiny Sub-committee: usually on a Tuesday at 4.30pm in Room 1 & 2 – Guildhall. Next meetings: 15 July, 12 August

East Area Committee: usually a Thursday at 7.00 pm in the Meeting Room – Cherry Trees Day Centre. Next meetings: 19 June, 31 July

Joint Development Control – Cambridge Fringes – Development Control Forum: usually a Wednesday at 10.00am in Committee Room 1 & 2 – Guildhall. Next meetings: 25 June, 23 July

Joint Development Control Committee – Cambridge Fringes: usually a Wednesday at 10.30am in Committee Room 1 & 2 – Guildhall. Next meetings: 18 June, 16 July

North Area Committee: usually a Thursday at 6.30pm. Next meeting: 3 July – proposed venue: Buchan Street Neighbourhood Centre, 6 Buchan Street, Cambridge CB4 2XF

Planning Committee: usually a Wednesday at 9.30am in Committee Room 1 & 2 – Guildhall. Next meetings: 4 June, 2 July, 6 August

South Area Committee: usually a Monday at 7.00pm in Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre. Next meetings: 23 June, 18 August

West Central Area Committee: usually a Thursday at 7.00pm. Next meetings: 24 June – proposed venue: Lee Hall, Wolfson College, Cambridge, CB1 OJH

Cambridge Cycling Campaign reserves the right to decline to promote events or activities where helmets or high-visibility clothing are required or implied.