Riding to Reach

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 114.

Up until Monday morning we were not sure if we were going to attempt the Reach Ride this year, but we woke and decided it seemed like a good idea, and set off with the bakfiets at around 9.30am. We thought we were not going to make it to the Guildhall by 10.00am so figured we would head into town along the Busway, then join the route on Riverside, and hopefully catch the other riders there. When we arrived there was no sign of any other bikes, and for a while we were not sure if we were too early or too late! We decided to just press on along the route though and see if/when they caught us up.

The first few riders overtook us along the Old Newmarket Road, and when we stopped for a break at the little triangle green in Bottisham (where there was some confusion as to whether the route was following NCN11 or NCN51, but people were helpfully pointing out the correct way) this was where the bulk of the ride started to overtake us, and it was clear just how many people were taking part.

Eleanor and family at the Reach Ride cycle parking area.
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We pressed on and it was nice to find ourselves heading through Lode and onto tiny roads which we do not think we have ever used before – though encountering cars coming the other way was in places a little alarming. It was interesting to see a wide range of different speeds of riders, and that despite the bakfiets we were probably overtaking as many people as overtook us.

When we arrived at Reach we had time to sit and enjoy our picnic by the bikes in the sunshine and Mike snapped us feeding Matthew. We enjoyed the fair too, but did not stay too long. Rather than waiting for the official return ride we struck off on our own with a more direct route straight home to Shelford, and shaved over 4 miles off the journey, without encountering too much traffic. And Matthew napped most of the way home too 🙂

Eleanor Blair