Parkside resurfaced

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 113.

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Before – looking south.
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The shared-use pavement along Parkside from the corner at Park Terrace has been resurfaced and features clear new ‘cycle’ symbols. The marking of the diagonal route from Clarendon Street has also been redone. We await the blue ‘shared route for pedal cycles and pedestrians only’ signs. The work was done in February, shortly after we had written to the county council expressing concern that the paint indicating that this is a shared-use path had worn away and that the blue cycle route signs were not put back when the lamp posts were replaced. Our members had reported that they had been sworn at by pedestrians who think cyclists should not be there. It transpired from the reply from Patrick Joyce, the county Cycling Officer, that the work was already scheduled. He wrote: ‘Thanks for your letter regarding the section of shared path opposite Parkside school. The path in this area is scheduled for resurfacing as part of a wider project. I had in fact already looked at the very area you mention and can confirm that the works will tackle the points you raise which will include clear unambiguous signing and lining.’

Left: After – looking south. Right: After – looking north.
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Monica Frisch