Nuffield Road update

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 113.

Walkers, cyclists and drivers of cars, vans and lorries agree

View from the future busway extension towards Ridgeon’s exit.
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Three residents’ associations from East Chesterton and Cambridge Cycling Campaign are campaigning to improve Nuffield Road and Green End Road. The aim is to get the council to build the first 300m of the Busway extension from Milton Road up to Nuffield Close. As at Orchard Park it is going to be an unguided roadway. Goods vehicles and car traffic from the commercial and trading estate would then have a more direct route to Milton Road, the A10 and A14. This would reduce traffic, especially heavy commercial vehicles passing the Medical Centre, Shirley School and Green End Road. For this, the future busway junction across Milton Road, which under current plans would see a slow, two-stage crossing for pedestrians and cyclists moving from the cyclebahn southeast to northwest (crossing the Busway and Milton Road), would need to be upgraded into a highway junction, giving cyclists also the option to cross with traffic in one stage.

The Milton Road Busway junction as seen from the future unguided extension.
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While clearing the area of the old railway track, the hedge at the end of Nuffield Close has been removed, showing how Nuffield Close, which we propose as the entrance to the trading estate, backs right onto the Busway. This has been very helpful when explaining the proposal to the businesses in the area, as people can see the proposed route through an area that previously had been hidden from law-abiding citizens.

A large hedge has been removed here, making it obvious that Nuffield Close, backing right onto the future busway, allows for a spacious entrance into the trading estate.
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Many households and businesses have now received the ‘Improve Nuffield and Green End Road’ flyer, which was reproduced in Newsletter 112 and the response has been even better than expected. As this Newsletter went to press the petition had received over 350 signatures and counting. It has been great to experience enthusiastic support from a wide demographic, local residents, business owners, residents’ associations, parents, and pedestrians, cyclists, car, van and lorry drivers. But we are up against a big political barrier: the 300m road section will disrupt the extension of the world’s longest guided busway, no longer becoming the world’s ‘longerest guided busway’, and upgrading the junction will be costly. Cutting-off motorised through traffic north of the proposed cycle and pedestrian access to the Science Park station would avoid cyclists having to make a potentially dangerous manoeuvre across the paths of left turning lorries. We therefore need all support. Please add your name to the petition at

Klaas BrĂ¼mann