From the Editor

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 112.

Many apologies for the lateness of this Newsletter but none of the people who have done the layout of the last few issues was able to do it this time and it took longer than expected to find a replacement. Very many thanks to Sarah Whitebread for stepping into the breach. However, this does highlight the need to refresh the Newsletter team from time to time. Ideally we would like several people who are able to do the layout so no-one has to do more than two or three issues a year.

So, if you have layout skills, or can take good photographs of cyclists and cycling infrastructure, or can draw cartoons, or like writing, do volunteer! I am sure we can use your assistance. While we have a solid core of eagle-eyed proofreaders we can always use more, so do join the team! And I am sure all our readers would like to thank the existing designers, copy-editors and proof-readers, as well as those who have written articles or taken photos, for helping to produce a very professional newsletter every two months. It’s no mean achievement for a small charity!

Monica Frisch