South Cambridgeshire cycling schemes

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 112.

As part of the Greater Cambridge Cycle City (GC3) funding recently awarded by central government, a number of schemes within South Cambridgeshire are slowly being implemented or planned. The schemes include improvements to the A10 cycleway from Frog End to Foxton, the extension of the Wandlebury cycleway to the Babraham Institute, and a new cycleway from Whittlesford to Granta Park, as well as the provision of a cycle track from Swavesey to the A14.

A10 cycleway improvements

From the Frog End junction of the A10 to Foxton, the existing substandard footway is being replaced by a wide shared-use cycleway of the type found on rural routes outside Cambridge. This is just the first of many schemes that should improve cycling along the A10 all the way to Trumpington from the south. This was a very easy scheme to implement and so was the first GC3 scheme to move dirt. This is also the first major achievement for the A10 Cycling Campaign, and we wish them good luck with future schemes.

Gravel path alongside Babraham Road, looking north-west to start of dual carriageway.
Image as described adjacent

Wandlebury to Babraham

If you’ve cycled, or pushed, your bicycle up to the top of Wandlebury Hill you probably haven’t failed to notice that the cycleway ends just where a nicely deserved freewheel down the other side could have been expected. This scheme should solve this by building a wide shared-use cycleway all the way from Wandlebury Country Park to the roundabout at the Babraham Institute. Oh, and help people commuting to the Institute and eventually further afield.

Unfortunately, the scheme doesn’t extend all the way to the A11, stopping at the Institute’s roundabout. There is an accommodation bridge just south of the major A11/A1307 junction, and to enable this to be used a cycleway would be incredibly useful. This would require the cycleway to go through the research institute’s grounds, and we will continue to push for the obvious cycling link through this employment site to the village. This is why the scheme stops where it does.

Whittlesford to Granta Park

From the A1301/A505 roundabout a new cycleway is being planned that will link Whittlesford, Pampisford and Sawston with Granta Park. The biggest problem on this route is the slip road between the A505 and Station Road to the front entrance of Granta Park. There have been suggestions that one of the lanes of this two-way slip road should be removed and reallocated to cycling and walking. The diversion required for cars would be minimal but the benefit for people cycling should be huge. Unfortunately there are no improvements planned to the roundabout outside Granta Park at this time.

Swavesey to the A14

Many people who live in Swavesey or beyond would like to access the Buckingway Business Park and the Cambridge Services, so a cycleway linking these places has been desired for years. The plans are for a moderately wide cycleway immediately adjacent to this main road that goes all the way over to the Cambridge Services roundabout. Whilst this is welcomed, as it provides a useful bit of connectivity and will certainly help the employers in the area attract good employees, there are still significant problems with the A14 junction. However, future Highways Agency work on the A14 could improve the situation at this location.

Robin Heydon