Cambridgeshire has most cycling commuters

This article was published in 2014, in Newsletter 112.

More commuters are using cycles and fewer using cars to get to work in Cambridgeshire than anywhere else in the country, with the county having the highest percentage of cycling commuters, a survey by the Travel for Work Partnership (TfW) has revealed.

TfW asked employees at 84 of its member employers how they commuted to work during a one-week period in October 2013. A total of 10,834 commuters took part, the highest ever in the annual survey’s 14-year history.

The survey results show that 45% of respondents drive into work either alone or as part of a car share, compared to 69% in the government’s national survey. Cycling is at 30% compared to only 3% nationally.

Tim Watkins, Project Manager at Travel for Work, said: ‘We are now using the data to work with employers to improve access to sustainable transport in Cambridgeshire’.

TfW is an independent partnership hosted by Cambridgeshire County Council, which assists employers to promote and deliver sustainable and healthy travel to and for work. This helps reduce congestion, boost the local economy and improve health.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign has been a member of the TfW Steering Group for over ten years. TfW and the Campaign want to do more together in 2014 and they would like all Campaign members whose employer is not yet a member of the Travel for Work employer network to let them know about TfW and the benefits of joining. You can find out more by visiting the website at

Mark Webb, Travel for Work