Over 500 ride for segregation

This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 111.

Campaign group Access Walden held a Ride ‘n’ Ramble event in October to promote their ambition for a safe walking and cycle route from Saffron Walden to the railway station at Audley End. Despite a grim weather forecast more than 500 people turned out to support them. This is typical of the level of enthusiasm for this cycle path among local residents, hundreds of whom have said they would walk or cycle to and from the station each day if the road was made safe.

A scene near Audley End from Access Walden’s Ride ‘n’ Ramble event in October 2013.
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Essex County Council are now consulting on a design. The current proposals do not have the complete separation from motor traffic that they want -but it’s a big improvement on the present situation. Jan Durkin, Chair of Access Walden, says: ‘There are no cycle paths at all in this part of Uttlesford and very little commitment to cycling from this local authority. Incredibly, residents have been waiting more than 20 years for this 2km of narrow and dangerous road to be made safe enough for cyclists to use. A safe path would be a wonderful asset to our community.’

Simon Nuttall