Surgery on the Bike Bridge

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 11.

The bike bridge over the railway between Devonshire Road and Rustat Road is about half way through a major repair to the ramps at both ends. This is exactly the kind of maintenance for which the Council has cut the funding for next year (see Maintenance cuts hit cyclists and pedestrians hardest).

The repairs, costing over £50,000, are needed after only seven years of operation. The problem is that water has been getting into the structure. This has disrupted the electrical heating elements that help keep the ramps ice-free in winter, and was starting to get into the concrete structure holding them up.

Bike Bridge (35k)

It’s really inconvenient at present – cyclists have to walk at both sides, but hopefully the bridge will be better for it when the work finishes towards the end of April. I understand that the video surveillance system is also being revamped at the same time. Unfortunately, the company that provided the original equipment has gone bust, so that has led to delays in replacing the damaged system.