Norwich gets bike lockers

This article was published in 1997, in Newsletter 11.

Norwich’s Thorpe station has recently had a number of bike lockers installed in co-operation with Norfolk County Council. We mention this because we have been waiting patiently for lockers to be installed at Cambridge for many months now. The Norwich lockers are not the sleek fibreglass design we had been expecting to see, but look more like beach huts!

Norwich Lockers (40k)

We are expecting the Cambridge lockers to be on a monthly or quarterly rental basis: that way you can be sure your parking space for your expensive bike will always be there. Norwich appears to have gone for a key deposit system. There is a basic flaw in this: someone only needs to put in a coin to take the key away, get it copied, return it, and wait for someone to leave a valuable bike inside and it’s gone. We’ll be interested to see what safeguards have been made to prevent this. Dave