Arrows on St Andrew’s Street

This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 109.

St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge, facing south.
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At long last, cycle symbols and arrows have been added to St Andrew’s Street southbound between Hobson Street and Emmanuel Road. We have repeatedly asked the county council to do this.

More than anywhere in the city, this has been the place where police have stopped cyclists because the police themselves don’t understand the rules, and bus and taxi drivers routinely intimidate cyclists because they are convinced the cyclists are in the wrong (not that that is ever a good reason for intimidating anyone).

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An obscure sign was put up a while ago indicating there would be oncoming cyclists, but one small sign high up on a lamp post by the Grand Arcade entrance was noticed by very few drivers. So thank you to whoever at the county council got the arrows added. A small thing, but a great improvement.

David Earl