Highest cycling levels

This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 109.

Source and complete list: Mobility study of cities, VCÖ 2013 iitm.be/vcoecities
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A study by VCÖ (‘Traffic Club Austria’, a lobby group for sustainable transport) about the share of trips by bike in European cities puts (Huntingdon-sized) Houten in the Netherlands first with 44% of all trips done by bike, closely followed by (Cambridge-sized) Oldenburg.

The study focused mainly on cities where 20% of trips or more are done by bike. The list is incomplete regarding cities with lower levels of cycling, the reason why places like Bologna, Oxford, and York don’t appear on the list. While levels of cycling within cities are not easily comparable due to differences in size and traffic travelling into cities from surrounding towns and villages, this study is at least a comparison from a neutral source:

This shows that Cambridge has a high share of cycling not only by UK standards, but also compared to other European cities. But it also shows that there is still potential to get many more people to chose active forms of travel, as the target of Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s recent study tour, the university city of Oldenburg, is already achieving (see separate article).

Klaas Brümann