Gift Aid

This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 108.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is now ready to start operating Gift Aid on donations and members’ subscriptions.

If all members who are eligible were to make a declaration, the potential additional funds for the campaign (at no extra cost to members) could be around £1,500 a year, and this would be a significant increase in our annual income.

For those who have not come across Gift Aid before, this is a scheme which allows charities to reclaim the tax paid on donations and charitable subscriptions, at no cost to the donor, subject to certain conditions. Higher-rate tax payers can even claim tax relief on their donations under the scheme via their self-assessment tax return.

The conditions are straightforward: donors or members have to pay at least as much UK tax as the campaign is claiming back (currently 25%), must not gain any direct benefit from the gift-aided donation or subscription, and must make a standard Gift Aid declaration. A form to do this is now available online at and we would encourage all taxpaying members to go there and complete the simple declaration, which only requires you to provide your name, address and (importantly) postcode.

Chris Dorling