Our new web officer

This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 107.

Neil Spenley
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I first came to Cambridge as a student many years ago. After finishing my degrees I spent most of the next few years in various places with low levels of cycling even by UK standards. For a time, I cycled about six miles each way to work through the north of Greater Manchester; most days I’d see no one else on a bike. About four years ago I was offered my present job and moved back, by which time I’d pretty well forgotten what cycling in Cambridge was like.

Now I cycle about two miles to work through Chesterton, and while my journey is not perfect, it is not too bad either. At the least I am not a target for every passing motorist (or their passenger) who wants to shout abuse at a cyclist. My attitude towards cycling has shifted. I used to think of it as a fitness activity that I was able to do during my commuting time; now it seems more like a general-purpose mode of transport. The difference is sufficiently marked that it prompted me to join the Campaign: cycling should be a relaxed activity for everyone (I am aware of course that this is not always the case even in Cambridge).

By the time of the last AGM, I felt I ought to help out somehow. I’d noticed that, while the Committee includes some very technologically able people who’d built the present website, they were finding it difficult to keep it up-to-date alongside their other Campaign activities. So that seemed to be the place where I could make myself useful and last November I was elected to the Committee as Web Officer. Please do let us know if you have any thoughts about the web or our use of online media.