Draft schedule for study tour of Oldenburg and Bremen

This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 107.

Study tours are a relaxed way to look at different solutions to common problems in cycling infrastructure.

Saturday 25 May -Oldenburg City

8.45am – Leave hotel or youth hostel to walk to Oldenburg Central Station (1.5km).

9.30am – Bike rental at Radstation at the railway station (Oldenburg Hauptbahnhof). 1,500 secure bike parking places.

10.00am – Official Oldenburg Cycle Infrastructure Tour (selected by the Ministry of Transport) lasting for about 3hrs. We will also visit the local cycling campaign ADFC while they are holding their monthly ‘bike coding’ event.

1.30pm – Option: Lunch in the city centre or at Seelig (Schloßplatz)

5:00pm – Option: Guided tour about Oldenburg starts at Lambertikirche (in the centre).

Sunday 26 May – Oldenburg’s surroundings

8.00-9.30am – weekend youth hostel breakfast times.

10.00am – Ride into the countryside and on a radial route.

Oldenburg boasts 270km of cycleways and we shall investigate some of them. We will also try to visit new developments.

Mixed use road with preference for cyclists. Junctions are marked with blue surfacing to highlight the special bicycle road.
Image as described adjacent

Monday 27 May – Meeting with officers and planners

7.15am – Pre-breakfast start to travel in rush-hour.

9.00am – Sponsored Breakfast at Hof-Konditorei.

10.00am – Visit to Chamber of Commerce regarding bike mechanics’ education and training.

11.30am – Visit to Gymnasium Eversten regarding cycling to school (tbc).

Time permitting, we will travel through a 1990’s living street project and a flood plain.

1.00pm – Lunch at Carl-von-Ossietzky University.

Bicycle repair shop (DIY).

Meeting with the police (tbc).

Cycle path alongside a railway line (a brief impression of what a Chisholm Trail could look like).

Meeting (planned) with officers and planners in Oldenburg during the day.

Local electricity company EWE E3, intelligent networks and mobility (tbc).

Please note the following:

You can join the tour on different days and at different times, but please note that the bike rental and all shops are closed on Sunday!

For tour information, how get there and to join the tour please visit www.camcycle.org.uk/jumpto/OldenburgTour

Please help the organiser by registering your participation at www.camcycle.org.uk/jumpto/regOLHB

All participants join the tour at their own cost and their own risk. Please book your travel arrangements and accommodation early. If you encounter difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact the organiser.

Klaas Brümann

Tuesday 28 May – Bremen

9.00am -Train to Bremen (cost approx €15).

The Bremen tour will be guided by Beatrix Wupperman and Richard Grassick, producers of the award-winning film and book ‘Beauty and the Bike’ (www.bikebeauty.org).

Try call-a-bike, stationless bicycle rental, available in all larger German cities.

Trip counters in Bremen.

Cross-Bremen routes.

What effect has the introduction of the Low Emissions Zone (Umweltzone) had on Bremen?

The idea is to time the Bremen tour to allow for a return to Britain from Bremen, for those travelling by train or plane.

Klaas Brümann