Landbeach to Milton cycleway

This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 107.

Landbeach to Milton Route
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Cambridge Cycling Campaign spent a very cold morning having a meeting with the county council officers about the Landbeach to Milton cycleway. This critical link will provide a two-way cycleway on the west side of the existing road, be two metres wide and segregated from the road with a strip of grass mostly one metre wide.

We discussed how people would get on and off the cycleway at the village end, how drainage would work, how to go around a pinch point over a waterway, and how to cope with two main traffic junctions.

At the pinch point the ideal option would be to build a bridge over the water along the desire line and not move the road; the alternative would be to move the road sideways by a metre so that a cycleway could be built within the width of the existing bridge. Details always matter, so we discussed placing high kerbs and a strip of grass along the side of the cycleway here to make sure that cars couldn’t cut the corner.

The big problem is at the A10 junction. Ideas included removing slip roads to make it safer for people cycling across just one lane rather than two, and building the cycleway in as straight a line as possible across the junction.

We also discussed placing chicanes in the roadway. But apparently, even though cars have headlights, any obstruction in a road needs lit warning signs, lots of electricity and a full safety audit. Perhaps we need the same requirements for random poles in cycleways as well?

Robin Heydon