Proposal to improve Nuffield Road

This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 106.

Residents associations from East Chesterton and Cambridge Cycling Campaign campaign together

In connection with the Science Park Station consultation, Cambridge Cycling Campaign has recently presented a proposal to improve Nuffield Road, requesting that:

  • a new access to the industrial and trading estate on Nuffield Road be built from Milton Road along the first section of the future Science Park Station busway and then through Nuffield Close, and that
  • when the new access road is built, the residential section of Nuffield Road (to Green End Road) be cut off to motorised through traffic just past Discovery Way (in the bend by the allotments) to reduce the number of motor vehicles, particularly heavy commercial types, driving past Shirley School and the medical practice.
School day morning in Nuffield Road.
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In support of this proposal we undertook a traffic survey of over 1,500 vehicle movements at two sites on Thursday 22 November 2012 between 7am and 9.30am. We counted on Nuffield Road near the Green End Road roundabout and at the industrial section of Nuffield Road past the allotments.

Nearly half the inflow of vehicles (including 85% of Light Goods Vehicles) turning from Green End Road into Nuffield Road goes past Discovery Way to the industrial area. Over a third of the morning outflow of vehicles comes from the industrial area, too. The data are available in a spreadsheet at, including traffic graphs and graphs illustrating the share of Nuffield Road traffic that goes to the industrial area.

Plan relating to Nuffield Road proposal.
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We think all current users of Nuffield Road would benefit from blocking the residential section of Nuffield Road to motorised through traffic just past the allot-ments (which will become a walking and cycling access to the new station). It would very much ease the pressure at Shirley School and benefit most people travelling to the businesses if they could turn into Nuffield Close from Milton Road instead of having to travel down Green End Road and past a primary school. Parents at Shirley School have expressed serious concerns about the current situation during the school run and they are very worried about the likely increase in traffic caused by the new station. We think our Nuffield Road proposal would greatly benefit Green End Road and Nuffield Road. A possible future closure of the level crossing on Fen Road would reduce even further the amount of commercial traffic and the number of large vehicles coming into conflict with cyclists in East Chesterton.

During the survey, it seemed that the vast majority of LGVs and HGVs turning into Nuffield Road from Green End Road came from the direction of Milton Road (very few came from Chesterton). Between January 2009 and September 2012 there were 12 accidents involving cars and cyclists at the Green End Road-Cam Causeway-Nuffield Road junction. We think that our proposal would reduce the car and HGV traffic and would help to improve this accident hotspot, too.

Within a few hundred metres of the planned Milton Road crossing for the Busway there are four other sets of traffic lights for traffic turning into or out of Milton Road. Adding another crossing wouldn’t reduce the flow of traffic on Milton Road if the additional set of lights were synchronised with those north and south of the new crossing.

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This proposal is supported by the Fen Estate and Nuffield Road Residents’ Association (FENRA), Old Chesterton Residents’ Association (OCRA) and VIE Residents’ Association, by County Councillor for East Chesterton Ian Manning, other councillors and by representatives from several political parties. As the newsletter went to press we were awaiting feedback from governors from Shirley School and the Nuffield Road Medical Centre. The representatives from the different groups were planning to meet Councillor Ian Bates (Cabinet Member for Growth and Planning) at the end of January 2013 to walk the area and to discuss the proposal.

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Klaas BrĂ¼mann