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This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 106.

Electric Trike with child seats, for sale £450.

We bought this Schachner trike new in 2005 and it was customised for us by H. Drakes. It has been a real work horse and was invaluable while our youngest was little, especially in the year after the birth when I was feeling very weak. It has £330 of new electrics fitted, plus a full service and is running well. The reason we are selling it is that I no longer need transport for the children who are now both cycling themselves. Also I am now much stronger than when I had just had the baby and I am now reverting to an ordinary pedal-bike.

There are lovely new customised trikes available from the Electric Transport Shop on Hope Street, off Mill Road for £2,000 (baby and child seats extra) but if you are looking for a second-hand one, this is in good condition and very sturdy.

Karen Rodgers (