This article was published in 2013, in Newsletter 106.

Regarding ‘Royal Mail – bikes not welcome’

No cycle parking at the Royal Mail.
Image as described adjacent

I have a choice when using the Royal Mail delivery office, which sometimes I need to visit after work. I can cycle from Addenbrooke’s to Milton, lock away my bike, go into the house to collect my car keys, then battle my car back down to the Newmarket Road. Or I can call in on my way to Milton. On arrival at the delivery office, I note marked bays, about 5m x 2.5m, labelled ‘customer parking’. So I go to the centre of one of these, put my bike onto its stand, put my lock around the wheels and go in and collect my parcel. I am after all a customer, and this parking has therefore been provided for me. The fact that I have been too lazy to go and collect my car in order to avail myself of it is irrelevant. I really don’t think I’m going to be queuing for long enough for someone to be organised enough to nick my fairly horrible bike. Can I suggest that everyone else does the same and then perhaps some proper, secure, customer parking will be provided for those of us who turn up on two wheels to collect our parcels?

Heather Coleman