Recent helmet lab tests

This article was published in 2012, in Newsletter 104.

Cyclists who wear a helmet or who are thinking of wearing a helmet may be interested in a recent lab test of helmets carried out for the Consumers Association’s Which? magazine and published in their August 2012 edition (pages 25-27). They say the safety of helmets is very variable. In their tests they applied more rigorous standards (particularly for ‘kerb-strike’) than those used in the official European Standard (EN1078).

For adults the Specialized Align (£30) and the Specialized Echelon (£50) came out best. The worst was the Met Camaleonte Executive (£50) which is so bad that Which? says it is unfit for purpose and should be recalled. For children the best were the Specialised Flash (£30) and the Giro Flume (£40). The two worst were the Cratoni C-Air (£20) and the B’Twin Kiddy One (£8) both of which failed the Which? kerb-strike tests. Which? says don’t buy them.

If you are thinking of buying a helmet do read the report. Which? magazine is widely available in public libraries.

James Woodburn