Cycle lane renewal re-done on Brooks Road

This article was published in 2012, in Newsletter 103.

Markings removed and re-applied after being painted on the new surface about 20cm narrower than before.
Image as described adjacent

On 30 June one of our members reported that Brooks Road had been resurfaced. He also reported that the cycle lanes which had been repainted after the road was resurfaced were narrower than before. A critical 20cm had been lost. This was picked up by another member, Kilian Bourke, who happens to be the county councillor for the area. He said: ‘This is very concerning and I will take it up with the Highways officers on the County’. In another email he added: ‘Given that the council is spending £90m over the next few years on roads, pavements and cycleways it makes sense to make sure that the contractor is on top of this sooner rather than later’.

Two days later, he forwarded an email from the county council which said: ‘We have checked this morning and the cycle lane has been installed at the incorrect width. The red anti-skid contractor has been stopped from carrying out their work for today. Cambridgeshire Highways will arrange to have the cycle lane line removed by hydro-blasting and replaced at 1.5m which is the correct width. I apologise on behalf of the contractor for the error.’

Perhaps the problem was remedied so quickly because the Olympic Torch was coming that way on 6 July. Nevertheless, thanks to a timely report from one of our members being picked up by another member, there is now a red cycle lane of the correct width on Brooks Road.

Monica Frisch