Join the study tour to Oldenburg in May 2013

This article was published in 2012, in Newsletter 103.

Study tours are inspirational. Based on our positive experience in Copenhagen, Assen and Groningen, I am organising a study tour to my home town of Oldenburg in Germany. Owing to popular demand I have decided to plan this for Saturday to Tuesday 25-28 May 2013.

Monday 27th is a bank holiday in the UK but not in Germany, which should hopefully give us the opportunity to meet local planners in Oldenburg and to try the base-stationless ‘call-a-bike’ rental scheme in Bremen on Tuesday.

Cycling in Oldenburg.
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Oldenburg is a unitary authority (Kreisfreie Stadt) with a footprint almost equal to that of Cambridge and has two universities with together over 20,000 students. But with 162,000 inhabitants Oldenburg’s population and population density (1575/km²) are higher. Cambridge will see similar numbers once the additional housing currently planned materialises. Oldenburg’s 2009 household survey showed that less than 5% of ‘Oldenburger’ walk, under 10% use the bus and 43% go by bike. And ‘Oldenburger’ are all weather-cyclists: apparently in January and February last year they were second only to Copenhagen. While Oldenburg doesn’t quite compete with the luxurious cycling infrastructure in Assen, it is well worth a visit as it compares directly with Cambridge in many ways.

Klaas Brümann