Bike harvest 2012

This article was published in 2012, in Newsletter 102.

The bike harvest is a way in which students can donate their old bikes to a charity instead of leaving them unwanted around Cambridge. There are two major benefits from this: reduced pressure on bike parking and recycling of bicycles.

The bikes will, where possible, be refurbished by a local charity, OWL, that employs disadvantaged young people. OWL also collects unwanted bikes from some bike parks in Cambridge such as the station. They can then cover their costs by selling the bikes back to new students. In 2013 the Campaign hopes to obtain a grant or sponsorship to help expand and improve the harvest. The long-term goal is to reduce to a minimum the number of abandoned bikes in Cambridge while creating some local employment in a green industry.

Students can donate their old bikes by taking them to a collection point in the Park Street cycle park at the end of Easter term.

Opening dates: Monday 11 June 2012 to Friday 15 June 2012 and Monday 25 June 2012 to Friday 29 June 2012

Opening hours: 12.00 noon to 3.00pm

Location: Park St Bike Park CB5 8AS. The entrance is marked by a blue sign and blue painted path.

John Hall