Editor’s comment

This article was published in 2012, in Newsletter 101.

As the full-colour special 100th issue turned out so well and seemed popular, we have decided to print this and the next issue in full colour. It was worth splashing out for our 100th issue, which was also larger (28 pages), but we cannot spend so much on the newsletter every time. To continue with colour newsletters we need to attract advertising to offset some of the costs. We are choosing carefully, focussing mainly on local businesses providing goods and services relevant to cyclists. I hope no-one found the advertising excessive or inappropriate (this time it will bring in more than £600). I am always interested in your views on the newsletter, and to receive contributions, whether articles or ‘letters to the Editor’. In the last issue, we had some pieces under the headline ‘Why I joined’ and I’d like to include more pieces like this. There was also a request for ‘more about how people manage their lives by bike – carrying children, shopping, going on holiday’. I’d be pleased to receive articles about this, or other cycling issues. I look forward to receiving your contributions.

Monica Frisch, Newsletter editor