County council reorganised

This article was published in 2012, in Newsletter 101.

Having worked in government, I’ve been through reorganisations, and know how disorganising they can be, especially for less senior staff. So what are all the new door-plates and letter heads that are being ordered for Shire Hall?

We’ve details of ETE (Economy, Transport and Environment), formerly Environment Services.

Many of these people we know, and have worked with, we hope often effectively, in the past.

Alex Plant is the Executive Director, and there are two ‘Service Directors’, Graham Hughes (Strategy and Development) and John Onslow (Infrastructure Management and Operations). Beneath them are:

Under Graham Hughes:

  • Dearbhla Lawson, Transport and Infrastucture Policy and Funding
  • Joseph Whelan, Passenger Transport
  • Bob Menzies, Major Infrastructure Delivery
  • Lynsi Hayward-Smith, Adult Learning and Skills
  • David Arkell, Growth and Economy

Under John Onslow:

  • Leon Livermore, Supporting Business and Communities
  • Russell de Ville, Traffic and Road Safety
  • Richard Preston, Local Infrastructure and Street Management
  • Philip Crack, Assets and Commissioning

Also Nicola Dear, Policy and Business Support.

I’ve also had confirmation that ‘Cycling’, including cycle training, will form part of Bob Menzies’ empire.

Of course, I hope that, unlike my day, the use of computers and ‘flexible’ workspace means that large boxes of headed paper are not being pulped, and weeks are not spent moving desks and boxes of paper from A to B and back again.

Jim Chisholm