Draft Constitution

This article was published in 1995, in Newsletter 1.

Here is a draft of a possible constitution for the campaign. If you have any comments or complaints please bring them to the next meeting, or let us know.

The group shall be called the Cambridge Cycling Campaign


Membership will be open to all (cyclists or not) who subscribe to the Cambridge Cycling Campaign Constitution and pay the fees. Rates of membership will be reviewed by the AGM.

The General Meeting (G.M):

  • is open to all members of the Group and is its highest body
  • is held monthly
  • the quorum shall be 10% of the membership
  • makes decisions by ordinary majority except for constitutional changes
  • may amend the constitution with a 2/3 majority of all those voting
  • shall hold the Executive Committee accountable for their actions

The Annual General Meeting:

  • shall be held annually in the second half of the year
  • shall elect an Executive Committee by “single transferable vote” to serve an annual term. (votes shall be counted by two people not standing for any post or with any personal interest in the outcome of the vote)
  • approve the accounts

The Executive Committee shall:

  • decide and implement Group policy, subject to a G.M.
  • consist of:
    • Treasurer, who shall be responsible for the Group’s accounts and will prepare them for annual inspection by the AGM
    • Newsletter Editor, who will prepare a regular newsletter
    • Membership Secretary, who will deal with membership applications
    • Press and Publicity Officer, who will co-ordinate the campaign’s communications with the press and other media
    • Stall Officer, who will co-ordinate a stall representing the views of CCC

    and up to three others who may from time to time be co-opted

Following resignation of any officer a replacement shall be elected by the G.M

We hope to ratify this constitution at our next meeting, on August 1st. This meeting will be our AGM and therefore we are looking for members for an executive. If you think you might like to fill one of the posts or just be on the committee, please put your name forward.