Bits and Pieces

This article was published in 1995, in Newsletter 1.

As many of you will know for the past month CCC has run a stall in the market square, outside the Guildhall. here, we distribute membership forms, chat to the public about the Campaign and generally raise the profile of CCC. At the stall we also have a list of suggestions where people can indicate what changes they would like to see in Cambridge for cycles. We also have a map there on which people can draw their usual cycle route, so we can get an idea of where people want to travel to and whether current cycle-routes are useful or not.

We need volunteers for this stall, which runs from 10 or 11 am to 3 pm, every Saturday. There are always two people there, and everyone finds that after a couple of minutes they get the hang of what to do. If you are interested please contact Paula on 323057

In future we are hoping to sell a CCC T-shirt on the stall, with our logo and a slogan. To get an idea about how many to order, would members who would like one please contact us.

To make an impact on our posters and T-shirts Cambridge Cycling Campaign needs a slogan to capture the aims and activities of the group. In order to find the snappiest, most noticeable slogan or slogans we are holding an open “competition”. If people could send their ideas to our address we will be assured of getting a strong slogan to represent the campaign.

Mike Reid