Recent Activities

This article was published in 1995, in Newsletter 1.

Since the last monthly meeting CCC has been involved in two possible campaigns. Prior to last month meeting the consultants designing Arbury Park, the intended new shopping complex , including a large Sainsbury’s, on the Arbury camps site on the northern fringe of the city. They had approached CCC asking for representatives to meet with them to discuss their plans for cycle access and a cycle park for 500 bikes. It was decided to hold a small meeting to decide whether this was a good idea. This was held at the Bath House, and after some discussion and looking at the plans, it was decided that CCC should have nothing to do with the scheme. Despite the consultants plans for increased park and ride, large investment in bus services to neighbouring villages and the provision for bikes, it was clear that the car park for 2600 cars was going to be a major part of the development. The increase in traffic would be enormous, as the planning officer for the City Council recently stated. This cannot be good news for cyclists and therefore to avoid being used as a pawn for the developers publicity it was decided not to have any involvement.

The second event was representatives of CCC going along to the consultation display in St Michael’s hall, regarding changes to King’s Parade and St Andrews Street. Plans for St Andrew Street, to narrow the carriageway and pave it more decoratively, to discourage the already banned through traffic were presented. The representatives found themselves generally neutral regarding the plans, but the only worry was that in the future the changes may make it another target for those who want to ban cyclists!