Camcycle visits Peterborough to learn more about the region’s second cycling city

This article was published in 2022, in Magazine 156.

At the beginning of August, Roxanne, Josh and Anna took a trip to Peterborough to meet with Matt Barber from Sustrans East, who is a local resident and also involved in the Peterborough Cycle Forum.

Beginning our ride outside Peterborough Cathedral

We were keen to find out more about cycling in a city where, according to the 2011 census, residents are much more likely to cycle than the UK average. Nine percent cycle for journeys under 5km and cycling rates for utility purposes are relatively consistent across all age groups. There is huge potential for growth as 45% of residents live within 5km of their workplace and with a new university opening its doors in September the time is ripe for a renewed focus on this low-cost, sustainable form of transport.

Clockwise from top: exploring Rhubarb Bridge (recently saved from demolition), Westgate parklet, learning about new proposals for Lincoln Road.

There are some impressive cycling sights in Peterborough, from the Rhubarb Bridge active travel flyover and the 1970s cycleways to the UK’s first advance green signal for cyclists, but much more investment and ambition is needed for the 21st century. As we expand our collaborative work calling for better cycle infrastructure across the region, we look forward to returning to see much-needed updates in the coming years.

Riding on the network of separated cycleways installed in the 1970s, Crescent Bridge (where a pop-up cycle lane was removed in summer 2021).