Why I cycle

This article was published in 2022, in Magazine 156.

Kye Ellis with his bike on a bridge in PeterboroughI cycle mostly for short rides: back and forth to work and for leisure, to get around town. I find it a lot easier than using a car or public transport: just grab a bike and go.

I used to drive to work because I worked 13 miles away, but with my new job in Peterborough it’s completely different. Being able to cycle to work destresses me; having 20 minutes to wake up on the way to work and decompress on the way home is a lot nicer than in a car when you can get stuck in traffic.

I think there are some great routes around here: I like Ferry Meadows for leisure and the subways make good links. There are some less good areas where you have to ride directly on a road, but for the most part I’m content with how Peterborough is set up for cycling. It’s a lot better than where
I used to live, in St Neots.

Kye Ellis, Peterborough