What are the best streets in Cambridgeshire?

This article was published in 2022, in Magazine 155.

Following the publication on 4 April of the third part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) global report, Camcycle began a survey asking people in Cambridgeshire to share their favourite streets. The IPCC report, which focused on climate change mitigation (the actions we should take to reduce the severity of the crisis) says that there is a need for increased investment in streets and places that can reduce car-dependency: developing low-carbon infrastructure such as protected paths for cyclists and pedestrians helps people to choose low-carbon modes of travel.

Globally, transport is one of the sectors that shows the most significant growth in emissions, responsible for 15% of the world’s total. In Cambridgeshire, that figure is 44%, making it an important area to address. The IPCC report estimates that cities could reduce their transport-related fuel consumption by around 25% through a combination of more compact land use and less car-dependent transport infrastructure. Importantly, this would also bring a host of other benefits in terms of human wellbeing, delivering positive impacts to individual health, clean air and social cohesion.

We wanted to know which streets people loved now, so we can begin a discussion about transforming others in the county. Which are the region’s most beautiful, healthy or thriving streets? What aspects combine to make a street an unbeatable place to live or visit? And which ones need to be improved to be the Zero Carbon Streets of the future?

The list so far


King’s Parade in Cambridge
  • King’s Parade, Cambridge (4 votes)
  • Mill Road, Cambridge (2 votes)
  • Dudley Road, Cambridge
  • North Road, Brampton Park
  • Marmalade Lane, Cambridge
  • The A14 (!)
  • Silverwood Close, Cambridge
  • Storey’s Way, Cambridge
  • The Broadway, St Ives
  • Grantchester Road, Cambridge
  • Ferry Path, Cambridge
  • Quarry Lane, Swaffham Bulbeck
  • Coldham’s Lane, Cambridge
  • ’Any with no cars’


  • Orchard Street, Cambridge
  • The Quayside, St Ives
  • North Road, Brampton Park
  • Howard Road, Cambridge
  • Chapel Street, Chesterton
  • Alex Wood Road, Cambridge
  • Silverwood Close, Cambridge
  • Mill Road, Cambridge
  • Marmalade Lane, Cambridge
  • Chesterton Lane, Cambridge
  • Victoria Road, Cambridge
  • King Street, Cambridge
  • Market Square, Cambridge
  • Quarry Lane, Swaffham Bulbeck
  • Cobholm Place, Cambridge
  • Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge

We’ll be continuing to talk to people about their favourite streets at events during the summer and if you haven’t completed our online survey yet, there’s still time. Share your views at camcycle.org.uk/beststreets or email us at contact@camcycle.org.uk


Dudley Road in Abbey ward, Cambridge, has green space, a play area and restrictions on through traffic.
  • Natural beauty (19 votes)
  • No/limited motor traffic (11 votes)
  • Historical interest (8 votes)
  • Pleasant place to spend time (8 votes)
  • Strong community feel (7 votes)
  • Great place to shop/eat (6 votes)
  • Playground/park (5 votes)
  • Inspiring architecture / public art (4 votes)
  • Quiet and peaceful (4 votes)
  • Unique regional aspects (4 votes)
  • Lively social scene (3 votes)

You can see some of the streets nominated so far on our short Big Give Green Grant videos on our YouTube channel.

Anna Williams