Zero Carbon Streets: Wilbrahams’ Environment Group

This article was published in 2022, in Magazine 155.

Ghost bike placed on Little Wilbraham Road at the site of a fatal collision (image: Jeremy Peters).

94 households from our villages completed our cycling survey just before Christmas. We are grateful to Councillor Robert McCubbin (Little Wilbraham) for collating the results. 98% of the respondents want a safe cycle path – or paths; 89% enjoy and are keen to use a bike at least some of the time but do not do so because sections of the roads from our villages just feel too dangerous. Very sadly a Wilbraham cyclist died earlier this year at the junction near the Missing Sock.

All of our statistics have been passed to our County Councillor Claire Daunton who is doing everything she can to influence the county council and the Greater Cambridge Partnership. One or other of these bodies surely HAS to find the money to connect us to the cycling Greenways from Cambridge out to Bottisham and to Fulbourn.

Nick Toovey

Survey results

  • 98% of respondents wanted a safe cycle path from the Wilbrahams. They said the most useful route would connect up to Fulbourn and on to South Cambridge.
  • 100% of households had access to a car, but 45% of respondents said there were people in their household who relied on others to drive them distances that they would be able to cycle themselves.
  • 88% enjoyed cycling and would be willing to cycle more. Only 3% said no-one in their household had access to a cycle.
  • 92% said the main reason they didn’t cycle more was that some parts of their cycle routes felt too unsafe. 97% said access to safe routes would increase the amount they cycled.

I raised my son as a single parent and cycling was our only means of transport. I was constantly worried about the safety of the routes to Cambridge. I really hope other parents won’t have to go through what I experienced.” SURVEY RESPONDENT