Summer cycling: Cambs Custom Cycles

This article was published in 2022, in Magazine 155.

Cambs Custom Cycles is for all cyclists. Whatever you pedal, you can ride with us; in fact, just having an interest in cycling is good enough to be a part of our group. We ride throughout the year, and will support people wanting to get into cycling, whether they want to use road bikes to get fit, get muddy on the trails on a mountain or gravel bike, or just learn to ride safely to the shops and back. Nobody is judged: two miles or 200, we have people in the group who do either of those and everything in between. We started because there don’t seem to be many cycling groups for all cyclists or even the everyday cyclists, most others seem to be for those with road or mountain bikes.

Montage of photos from Cambs Custom Cycles rides

We have a huge amount of knowledge in the group from bike packers who know the many cycling routes and places to stay to off-roaders who know all the trails, and a few bike builders who help out with the technical stuff too.

The group has a great admin team but we encourage everyone to get involved, we are for the members first and foremost. On rides we never leave anyone behind and the pace is always set to match the slowest riders. Our team is mostly based in Peterborough and can be found on the Facebook page, via Instagram (@cambscustomcycles) or on our new Twitter page (@CCCycles2017).

I organise a lot of the weekly rides. Michael is our long- distance rider and visits many places across the UK by bike and train. Scott helps with ride support for longer rides, he’s offered his help as a support vehicle too. Tahir helps with some fantastic suggestions for keeping the group running smoothly, safe and above all friendly. Saud is based in Ely and is a founder member with me, he organises summer family rides. Martin and Gary help with rides, keeping members safe and making sure nobody is left behind or gets too far ahead. We have a Cambridge area rep Tom Rees, he’s a custom bike builder with a few fantastic bikes and great knowledge of the area. Finally, a special mention for my partner Sallyann for putting up with my bike obsession and joining in occasionally too!

Des Pullar