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This article was published in 2022, in Magazine 155.

Parking consultation responses inform future vision for Cambridge transport

Image from the parking consultation report showing the location of interactive pins in black dots (the blue areas are existing Residents’ Parking Zones, the green are proposed ones).

In Spring 2022, we encouraged Camcycle supporters to participate in the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) consultation on parking. The public could drop pins on an interactive map and categorise them according to topics including delays and obstruction or safety issues, lack of cycle parking, local residents’ parking difficulty and high commuter parking demands.

The results of this consultation were published in the papers for the GCP Joint Assembly at the beginning of June and the GCP has drawn up a future vision for parking in the city. The overall aim is to focus ‘on rebalancing parking provision across the city to encourage people to use sustainable modes of transport for all or part of their journey’.

This would be a world in which ‘car trips in the city centre are exceptional and for specific needs (e.g. some Blue Badge holders, especially bulky purchases)’ and some car parking space is reallocated to car clubs, cycle lanes and parking, and public realm improvements such as pocket parks. Importantly, there would be a consistent approach to parking across the city: the current County Council policy is that a new scheme cannot be introduced unless supported by 50% of residents in the relevant area, which restricts the council’s ability to make changes to the highway network at a holistic, city-wide level. We asked the Joint Assembly to recognise that residents’ parking must at last be recognised as a strategic traffic management tool and must be introduced as soon as possible to benefit the city as a whole. Six priority schemes are already expected to be rolled out this year: in Romsey, West Chesterton and West Cambridge.

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New cycleway for Soham

Funding for a new cycleway linking Soham to Wicken was approved at a meeting of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Board in April.

This route will help people travel to Wicken Fen Nature Reserve using sustainable modes (via the new rail station in Soham) and provide a safe route for children cycling to school from Wicken. Work is due to begin this year and be completed by summer 2024.

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Second tranche of Active Travel schemes finally announced

Cambridgeshire County Council has announced the second tranche of schemes to be delivered using funding from the Active Travel Fund. We had been concerned that the delay to these schemes was one of the reasons that our region was missing out on funding).

Photoshop mock-up of a modal filter on Church StreetThe projects to be installed between June and August include:

  • a modal filter on Church Street, Chesterton
  • a pop-up cycle lane (with wands) on the section of Cowley Road between Milton Road and the Jane Coston bridge to Milton
  • a pop-up cycle lane and cycle-priority crossings on a section of East Road in Cambridge
  • roadspace reallocation on the Trumpington Road/Fen Causeway mini-roundabout junction
  • traffic changes to make the temporary scheme at the King’s Parade/Silver Street junction with Trumpington Road permanent
  • a contraflow cycle lane on Ambury Road, Huntingdon
  • traffic calming measures in Bassingbourn
  • secure cycle parking lockers in Wisbech bus station.

The schemes will be installed on an experimental basis for up to 18 months. The decision to make each scheme permanent will follow a formal decision-making process, which will include public consultation. A second batch of schemes is due to be announced in July.

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