Blog of the Quarter: On Yer Bike (Cyclox)

This article was published in 2022, in Magazine 155.

A row of cargo bikes (image: Cyclox)‘Cargo bikes are the first step in reducing car dependency and electric cargo bikes make this a reality for more people. We got rid of our second car. Other people have got rid of their only car. It shows that change is possible if you want to make it happen.’

Cyclox is Oxford’s cycle campaigning organisation, with a mission to get more people cycling, more often, and more safely. Their blogposts, labelled ‘On Yer Bike’ are published each week in the Oxford Mail. Recent topics include safer streets for women, car-sharing, low-traffic neighbourhoods and tackling tribalism.

In Cargo bikes delivering change in Headington, Cyclox trustee Jonny Ives talks to some of the cargo bike users and retailers in Oxford who are part of ‘a quiet revolution’. Ten years ago, Ian Callaghan was something of a pioneer, but now sales of e-bikes and cargo bikes are growing significantly in the city and many families are enjoying the benefits of box bikes and longtails.