Camcycle member survey 2021: the results

This article was published in 2021, in Magazine 153.

Thanks to all who completed our 2021 Camcycle member survey – we really appreciate your views. 145 people took part, which was a little lower than in 2019; with demographics skewing towards the older, long-term members and away from those working full-time or with children we wonder if the busyness of pandemic life has had an effect.

Why you support our work

The top reasons you support Camcycle were similar to 2019: you believe cycling is important for tackling issues like air pollution and congestion and creating nicer places to live and work. Tackling climate change jumped from fourth to second place, perhaps reflecting the urgency of this issue, the recent COP26 conference and our new Zero Carbon Streets campaign. Some people added comments about the stress, danger and community severance caused by motor vehicles – 87% of you think we should talk more about reducing car journeys as a way to improve cycling in future. Overall, you were very complimentary about our charity, staff and trustees: 97% said they had confidence in our work and one respondent wrote that it was a ‘privilege to be part of such a competent and motivated group of people’.

Keeping you informed

You most value the amount and range of campaigning work Camcycle does (87%), our influence on decision-makers (81%) and being kept updated with news and consultations (79%, up from 71% in 2019). A massive 91% had been prompted by Camcycle to respond to a consultation and levels of satisfaction had increased across all media. Email newsletters and monthly meetings saw particularly big jumps, perhaps valued more when in-person gatherings were less frequent.

A non-Cambridgeshire resident said they were attracted to join because of the online meetings, full of ideas they could use in their own area. Another member said they joined because of our excellent publications. Camcycle magazine remains your favourite: 92% of you read it and 38% of you ranked it 10 out of 10!

Our magazine is influential! Member Pip Wheldon sent us this photo of Sam Groves, the cycling handyman, arriving at her house with a beautifully-repaired window. She contacted him after seeing him featured in our Winter 2020/21 issue.

We know there is more we can do: although 87% had visited our website and 76% thought it was informative, you had lots of ideas for improvements.

Your thoughts on our proposed strategy for 2022-2025

Increase our influence at the regional level where transport decisions are made

Your top priorities in this area:

  • Make sure we respond to planning applications/consultations at a local/regional level (86%)
  • Meet/write to decision-makers and encourage members to do so (65%)
  • Ask questions at local authority meetings (56%)

Create agenda-setting campaigns that get others involved and make change happen

Your top priorities in this area:

  • Talk more about reducing car journeys as a way to improve cycling (87%)
  • Develop our own detailed plans for a joined-up cycle network (84%)
  • Focus on climate change and work with other environmental groups (81%)

Reach out to local communities and share the joy of cycling for all

Your top priorities in this area:

  • Work with partners on initiatives to help new people start cycling (69%)
  • Take our stall bike to local festivals and events (65%)
  • Host events such as the Reach Ride and Festival of Cycling (51%)

Ensure we have a sustainable organisation to enable our campaigning successes


Other highlights

Has the pandemic influenced the changes we see in the survey? Trailer ownership has risen and e-bike use has doubled, with over a third of you now owning one. More of you are riding for leisure as well as utility. A quarter have helped us in a practical outdoor role such as leaflet delivery and others are keen to get involved – we’ll be working to help make that happen over the next few months.

Anna Williams