Introducing Sarah Hughes, Camcycle’s new intern who is passionate about cargo bikes!

This article was published in 2021, in Magazine 153.

I grew up in Cambridge and began exploring the city by bike as a teenager, commuting to school independently and loving the freedom that the bicycle gave me. I have continued to cycle, study, live and work in the Cambridge area ever since, and now have a young family. Witnessing firsthand the growth in cycling culture and developments in cycling infrastructure in Cambridge over the years, I feel enormously lucky to live in a city with so many everyday cyclists and such active cycling advocates.

Sarah and her Bakfiets

When Camcycle advertised the internship funded by the Horizon 2020 City Changer Cargo Bike programme, I jumped at the chance to apply, as the role offered an excellent introduction to charity communications. I will learn how to use videos and text effectively for promotional purposes, update my social media skills and pick up some basics of graphic and web design. In addition the internship will be an invaluable stepping stone towards the workplace after a longer than anticipated period as a full time parent due to the pandemic. The focus of the internship was enticing to me as I am totally passionate about cargo cycling. The role will deepen my knowledge of this sector, which will be an important one over the next decade. We purchased our first cargo bike in 2016 (read more on page 29) and I can safely say that it’s one of the best decisions we ever made. Based in the city centre with three children, cargo cycling makes our everyday life so much easier. It reduces our impact on the environment and, very importantly, is also loads of fun! We have since expanded our collection of family cycles and can also be spotted on a triplet and, of course, out-and-about with our kids on their own bikes. When not working or parenting, I am also a keen amateur musician, and find my cargo cycle extremely useful for travelling to rehearsals with bulky, heavy instruments and their associated paraphernalia.

Sarah trying out bikes with Mark from Outspoken Cycles
Sarah has been trying out some of the cargo bikes on offer at Outspoken Cycles as part of the county council’s Try Before You Buy scheme.

I will be working to support Cambridgeshire County Council’s activities in the City Changer Cargo Bike programme, promoting the limitless potential of cargo cycles as alternatives to cars and vans in urban areas. The project encompasses both family cargo cycling and cargo cycles for the private and public sectors.

Cambridgeshire has a thriving cargo cycling scene, which we will capture and celebrate through case studies during this project. If you would like to tell us how cargo cycling enriches your daily life or boosts your business, please get in touch with me by email.